I started Procaz 20mg 1xday at Urgent care while waiting to get a new patient appointment with a primary. It was prescribed for anxiety. The issue I have found is that while over thinking things with a racing mind was contributing to my anxiety, my thought process was what would also be able to help me reduce the anxiety to avoid a panic attack during the day. In other words... created the anxiety... reduced the panic attacks. Most panic attacks would come suddenly at night when memory flashbacks or emotional flashbacks occurred and there was no "coming down" there any thought process but focusing on something safe... usually my husband.

With the Prozac though, it seems to cloud my ability to process anything analytically when it comes to what is triggering me or causing the anxiety leaving me with baseline anxiety that I cannot reduce. Then when anxiety is peaking towards a panic attack, I can't think myself through it (cause my thought process is gone) and the only thing I know to help is my husband who cannot always be there. On the Prozac I would fall asleep more quickly but it was not a restful sleep. I would initially wake up feeling as if I had just fallen asleep 10 minutes ago, not a good night's sleep but not remember anything... as if I hadn't been asleep at all even though I know I had cause it was morning. Then more recently I would fall asleep quickly but be constantly waking up badly.

I got into my primary 3 weeks later and he gave me Buspar 7.5mg - 15mg, 1 -3 times a day. The goal was to use it to treat the anxiety when it peaks and also to get it to a therapeutic level that could remove the need for the Prozac since Prozac was hindering my thinking. That didn't work. It increased my anxiety to the point I had to panic attacks back to back and ended up calling a crisis line cause I had no idea what to do or how to work through it. Nothing that usually worked was helping but just more of an irritation and I couldn't focus or think clearly enough to find something else. Thankfully I called when the first had subsided and as the second was coming on and had a brief moment of clouded clarity. I quit the Buspar.

I am now on Ativan 1mg, 1-3 times a day. I am waiting for my referral for counseling to go through but that could be a 2-4 month wait list.

On the Prozac I have been able to get more stuff done around the house which is a positive! I don't want to loose that by switching to an SNRI or different SSRI which is what he is considering if my clarity of thought doesn't come back. The Ativan seems to be working as well but I've also been told the effects can wear off as our bodies build a tolerance to it... something I've always had a problem with with medication... and that it is only for short term use.

I like the motivation I have found to get things done, probably a result of not have a million and 1 thoughts overwhelming me, and I like the effect of the Ativan keep my baseline anxiety under control and I seem to feel like I actually slept all night.

What are my other possible options? Is there a different combination that can work longer term if the Ativan is only short term and an SSRI that will not disrupt the motivation and energy I now have while giving me back my clarity?

This is all new. I should also probably say that he believes I have complex PTSD in addition to the anxiety and panic disorder which to me are just terms. I don't want to be constantly switching meds although I know that may be part of the process. I believe therapy will help but that's a ways out so I'm stuck with this in the meantime.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Experiences?