I've been on epilim before just over a year ago for mood swings and depression, and it never really improved anything for me but it also never caused any serious problems. However, I've been put back on it recently because I'd been hearing voices (I have temporal lobe damage and had epilepsy during my childhood) and this time I feel absolutely awful! I'm on 200mg twice daily.

I've been sleeping pretty much non-stop 12+ hours a day since I've been on it, I have no appetite, I've only been able to stomach small crackers and snacks after a few days of not eating purely because I know that I should be starving! I've had constant headaches, a dry mouth, a strange bubbly feeling stomach and I've been more depressed than I have in a while and have started self harming again.

I'm in so much discomfort I'm tempted to go off it since feeling like this has really impacted my social and work life. I can barely get out of bed let alone interact with people.

I wanted to know if anyone else has had these problems and if they went off it and felt much better? I've read a bit about problems with the drug on the Internet but mostly in relation to seizures (which is not necessarily my problem).