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Any experiences with clomipramine & Ritalin combination (or seperately) please?

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chuck1957 29 Aug 2017

abiscabby; Just so you do know I RAN A DRUG INTERACTION on this 2 medication and there is a slight interaction. Nothing to really worry about. Many people take these or ones that are even in the worse interaction scale. It is just that the doctor has to watch your level for a while and maybe adjust the Ritalin because it can raise your level on the Clomipramine. (here is the copy and paste. Interactions between your selected drugs
clomipramine methylphenidate
Applies to: clomipramine, Ritalin (methylphenidate)
MONITOR: The coadministration with methylphenidate may increase the serum concentrations of tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs). Case reports involving primarily methylphenidate and imipramine have suggested favorable as well as unfavorable clinical effects from this combination. In vitro studies suggest that methylphenidate may inhibit the metabolism of imipramine and other TCAs, although the extent is probably subject to considerable interindividual variation.

MANAGEMENT: Pharmacologic response to TCAs should be monitored more closely whenever methylphenidate (racemic) or dexmethylphenidate (the more pharmacologically active d-enantiomer) is added to or withdrawn from therapy, and the TCA dosage adjusted as necessary. Now the one I am very formula with is the clomipramine It has been around and really worked great for lots of people for OCD AND OTHER depression issues. And under the doctors care this has nothing to worry about. Ritalin has also been used for many many years for depression and add, Adhd etc. which used as directed should be no problems but the only way to find out for yourself how well they work is to trust your doctor and don't read a lot on them meaning to many people with Ocd dwell on any medication and worry about the side effects and with these it really should not be bad once your system gets used to them which can be 7 to 14 days or less for many people. But I know by themselves or together I have seen it change many Peoples lives around. hope this will help you some to understand these and don't get or be hard on yourselves we all take medications for different things so don't dwell on it is very Important that is what the doctor does.

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abiscabby 2 Sep 2017

Hello I have another question (thank you for answering my other btw really helpful)

I'm on day 13 of taking Clomipramine (for depression/ anxiety/ ocd) I have raised the dose to 50mg as of 3 days ago and I've had no side effects apart from yawning more often.
I am going to up the dose to 100mg tonight.

My question is how many weeks until the level stabalises in my blood? (how long should i stay on this dose until I raise)
How high of a dose should i work my way up to or is 100mg high enough for major depression?
Are higher doses necessarily more beneficial?

thank in advance

chuck1957 2 Sep 2017

aBISCABBY; Normally when you begin the medication can be the hardest, But the increases most people it may only be a week but it can depend on us and the medication we are all different. No what did your doctor say the dose they want to go to. even upping the dose just 3 days ago they normally wait a week before the next increase are you sure you're increasing the medication right what does the bottle say. let me know and then I can look it up. many do really good to reach the blood level at 4 to 6 weeks but you normally start feeling better before but you don't want to increase it too fast. Many time it increases it until you feel the difference but don't go over the 100mg until the doctor has reevaluated you. please let me know if your bottle says more but ask your doctor how high you are to go remember some times you will do great on 50 to 100mg but the higher you go the more chance of side effects. I am more than happy to keep helping you but let me know what the doctor wants from you in dose.

chuck1957 2 Sep 2017


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