I have fybromyalgia and the first med, cymbalta..nothin no help added Lyrica, well it was like being extremely drunk ALL the time. I took that short term as I was dangerous to my self confusion, fainting SEVERE vertigo after I fell down the steps I changed to neurontin.
Neurontin the side effects increased from general confusion, vertigo and babbling the first 3 months. New side effects including seizures, eye tracing, severe confusion, balance issues, loss of concentration, blackouts , inability to read and more so I quit taking tha too. On to savella

Is there anyone who had similar or worse side effects with these drugs who now take Savella. Some of the listed side effects are the same, though I know this drug is in no way relatrd to Nuerontin and its predessor Lyrica I would like to know if anyone was in my shoes and has found sucess with Savella