I have been taking lyrica 50 mg for just over 2 weeks now. I started taking 50 mg 2 x a day, but was feeling extremely lethargic and restless and could not sleep. My doc said to start takinig just one 50 mg tablet a day. I still dont feel normal. I feel more anxious and panicky than before. And my symptoms- primarily pain, fatigue, tingling, aching, and shock like sensations of fibromyalgia have not improved at all and are unbareable at times. Others taking Lyrica for fibromyalgia can you give me your experiences, thoughts, opinions, etc? I have other health concerns other than fibromyalgia and wonder if the possible MS diagnosis is the reason for my many complaints... but I only mentioned the ones that are usually considered to be fibromyalgia related. I wonder if lyrica may just not be helping because its such a low dose??? but I am having side effects so dont know if I should continue it... any thoughts are welcome.