I've been on 300mg of Wellbutrin XL for about 10 years. It's generally been great for me. The major benefits for me have been weight reduction and weight maintenance. Also, (and I don't hear this much) it has been a godsend in helping me control my alcohol consumption. The only problem is after about 6 months it starts losing effectiveness and I'd start eating and drinking as if I weren't on anything. My only recourse has been to go off it completely for a period of time. Then when I start taking it again it's good for another six months. I was going off it for about 6 weeks at a time. However, during that time I'd revert back to my old self, eating and drinking much too much. So, I'd need another 3 months once I started taking it again to get back to a steady state. I just went off it again a few days ago but this time I'm going to try to be off only 3 weeks and see what happens. Does anyone have any suggestions for my situation?