give it a scientific explanation . Let me explain what happened to me 10 min ago .
I woke up and looked at my window that daybreak was starting to come through when all of a sudden I felt pressure on my pillow beside my head and neck . It kept getting closer and closer so I didn't move . Then I couldn't move !!! My left side of my body felt as if someone were beside me and reaching over to hold my right arm to my right side . I felt a sensation on my neck that I can only describe as licking but not wet , over and over again ! I kept trying to turn my head or move my arms but ... Nothing ! My eyes were open but I kept trying to shut them out of fear . I started getting really upset and finally turned my head and it seemed to float away . I still feel the place on my neck that the licking happend to ! I'm sooooo uncomfortable and I want to understand this but I don't think it's scientific ! Why the dark presence ? Why the attacked or violated feeling ? Why when people seem to actually go with the feeling do they then have an out of body experience ?