For 5 years i have been taking 200mg seroquel to sleep and i thought it has been working fairly well for me. I do have cronic back pain that wakes me about everyother night. So im very groggy, in pain and cant go back to sleep. My doctor changed me to ambien 10mg in hopes i will be able to sleep through the night.he seems to think i will not experience any type of withdrawals. I did do reasearch on the ambien and it kinda scared me. So i took half of a pill and made my partner aware of the sleepwalking side affects. I found myself unable to sleep and took the other half about 2:30am and was up at 5:00am for the day. My 2nd night the same thing happened. Half at bedtime and unable to sleep taking the other half bout 1am. Tonight i will take the full 10mg. Im wondering if im having withdrawals from the seroquel. Would anybody share their experience with quiting seroquel? And anybody have experience with the ambien? Thank you in advance for sharing your experience.