I am a schizoaffective individual who, in psychotic episodes, experiences voices that seem/feel like memories and can be associated with mental images of the voice's setting. Voices are always of real people I've met. Anyway, I'm trying to withdraw from a low dose of clonazepam. For much of the past two years I've been on clonazepam, the dose has been 1mg. For 4 months ending 2 months ago, the dose was 1.5mg. Recently, it's been hovering around 0.5mg. At 0.5mg, I have little to no issues. Going below 0.5mg immediately starts up voices that make me paranoid and feeling guilty of minor things that couldn't possibly have happened. So, I'm curious as to why these effects occur and what my possible options are. Particularly, if someone understands the biological underpinnings that'd be great. It's weird to me that all previous dose reductions--of no more than 0.25mg/day weekly--have caused no trouble, but going below 0.5mg makes bad things happen, especially psychotic things. Am I just going below my tolerance threshold?