I have a long history with my psychiatrist of different sleep meds. I have depression & anxiety (being treated). My mood & energy is already really low in the morning/all day. Medications like Ambien, Lunesta, etc. make me so drowsy & give me a hung over feeling the next day. These meds have all only helped with sleep initiation, but not maintaining sleep too. I wake up all thru the night & also eat a lot without being fully awake.

I've tried Restoril, remeron, trazadone, Abilify (completely lost the ability to function), seroquel, klonopin, Chloral Hydrate & many others. Clonidine which is used off label for ADHD & sleep has been the only Rx with some success. I have low blood pressure tho, and it made my bp dangerously low so my doctor took me off it. I've been taking Xanax for years & I'm too tolerant now for it to help me with sleep.

I was recently prescribed Dalmane (I can fill after the weekend). She mentioned she has only ever put 1 other patient on it before. She has been in the field for a really long time so that makes me slightly nervous. I read Dalmane shouldn't be taken by elderly people, because there are safer medications of it's kind. Is Dalmane stronger or more dangerous than other ones in it's class?

I'm also somewhat nervous that it remaibs in your system 3-4 days, because if it builds & is supposed to work better after taking it for a few days - Won't it increase the likelihood that I'll feel very tired the next morning & day? I can't handle feeling more lethargic than I already do.

I'd like to hear other people's experiences with Dalmane. If it's any more dangerous than Ambien or similiar medications? If it made you too tired to function the next day? Overall opinions about it (I know everyone reacts differently & still want a general idea). I'm not really looking for recommendations about other sleeping medications to try. Just experiences & knowledge for Dalmane. I'm not sure if it's a medicine that affects people differently based on size/gender. If so - I'm 24 years old & female. 5'4" & 100 lbs. My prescription is written for one to two 15 mg capsules at night. Also wondering how long it takes before you start getting tired? Wasn't sure if it might take awhile where it's a capsule & not a tablet.