Details: 18 y/o male, contracted the disease (acne) when I was 14, mild facial acne (pimples, cysts, blackheads) with severe back and shoulder acne (nodular, deep cysts), tried minocycle and doxycycline for 3 months, mild anxiety and depression, ready for clear skin.

I created an account specifically to ask the Accutane-user community and health advisors/administrators. Any feedback will be taken wholeheartedly and will be greatly appreciated.

I am 1 week into Zenatane 40 mg per day and am not sure how to feel to be honest. I want to be happy and confident hoping that this high dose of vitamin A will clear my skin but on the same note I leave for college the following week and don't know if I am going to break out and contract this terrible dry skin I've been reading about. It seems like there are three possibilities. One I start to clear up immediately, two, I break out for countless months before it starts to take effect. Or three, it doesn't work at all. I am very nervous, stressed, and anxious if it is not already obvious.

P.s. I go to the gym pretty much everyday doing high weight exercises. Should I be concerned about the side effect of stiff joints and extremely sore muscles?

Thank you