I started celexa on October 2 of this year on 5 mg. This was my first time taking it. I uped my dosage to 10 mg on November 4. I had the general side effects like nausea the first few days just as I did in October. But this month on being on 10 mg has been different from last month. Mainly different in experiencing side effects. I know that when you up a dosage that it's normal to feel the same side effects again but this time on the 10 mg the side effects were a little different and they happened at different intervals. For example during the second week of being on celexa 5 mg in October that was the week where I experienced the most anxiety. However I'm currently on my second week of 10 mg and I'm not really anxious. In fact I was more anxious last week then I am this week and last week would be equivalent to the first week on 5 mg when I didn't feel that anxious. In my opinion I feel that my body is used to celexa so that's why the side effects and the timing at which I experienced them is different from last month. I hope this is normal and true. If this is the case or not then what can I expect to experience the month if I go up to 20 mg? I know I'll probably feel nauseous but will the timing experiencing the side effects be out of sync from the first time I started it just as it is right now on 10 mg?