Background details: Back in June I messed up my birth control. It comes in a 3 pack. All have active pills expect the 3rd pack has 7 sugar pills. I accidently took the 3rd pack 2 months in a row. So I had my period (very light and spotting for 80+ days.)

On August 8th I had unprotected sex he did not *** inside of me just pre-***. I was taking the active birth control pills at this time.

On September 4th & 5th we had protected sex again used a condom. I was taking the active birth control pills at this time.

I was still spotting until September 11th when my period came on full. Bright red blood and lasted for 4 days. I had all the symptoms the first day diarrhea, nausea, severe cramping (my usual pms symptoms). Finally I stopped with my period and spotting on September 11th.

Note: I did take 6 pregnancy tests (the last one was at a pregnancy recourse center- on September 10th.) all came back negative. I am still VERY stressed and paranoid that I'm pregnant even though all came back negative.

So since it came back negative on the 10th I think my stressed was released and my period came on full.

So my question I am now on the second day of the sugar pills. Yesterday morning I woke up with severe cramps, diarrhea, nausea, headache, sore boobs. These are all normal symptoms for me. But my period has not come yet and I do not have any symptoms now.

So when should I expect my period to come? While I'm taking the 7 sugar pills or on October 11th? I'm very stressed.