Adderall 30mg XR am 20mg IR 2pm
Wellbutrin 150 am
Clonapin up to 3 mg for anxiety
Trintellix 10mg (not sure whether to take am or pm, just started today)

Diagnosis: ADHD PTSD Anxiety MDD

I'm not what to expect at all, I am a bit nervous; I've been on adderall for 15 years, Wellbutrin for 4 months and clonopin for a year.

What should I expect with the addition of trintellix? Wellbutrin works, but I still deal with a foggy lethargic feeling.

The adderall doesn't give me a "boost" as I'm quite tolerant to it. It simply helps me prioritize and organize my thoughts. The klonopin keeps my anxiety at bay if I'm feeling an anxiety attack coming on. The Wellbutrin has helped me quit smoking and has helped me enjoy more activities; however, I still find myself unable to leave the house due to stress and hopelessness.

Any input is appreciated, thank you!