I've been using percocet on and off for about 5 years for a sciatica problem. I was always able to stop, but I did have a tendency to abuse. 6 months ago, I injured my shoulder and needed surgery. The surgery didn't go well, I developed frozen shoulder, and recently had a second surgery to fix the problem. As a result of this, my percocet use got out of control. I started off with 1-2 10/325 a day and this quickly went up to as many as 10 per day. Things got out of hand, and I realized I could not and did not want to live this way. With the second surgery, I started taking lortab 7.5 and I've really been working on not abusing. My 2nd surgery was 3 weeks ago, and I've managed to take only 1-2 per day. I plan on going down to just one, then halves (I'm still in physical therapy). I have no more refills, and I don't plan on getting anymore. I want to be done with this. I'm scared of withdrawal, but know it is inevitable. I would be grateful for any tips, success stories, encouragement, etc. I need to be the strong person I know I am, and not the weak one these drugs are turning me into.