I'm scheduled for the end of the month for an hour cancer exam. I'm sure that lab work will be ordered, and my lymph glands will be checked. Has anybody been to a blood cancer specialist? The appointment is for an hour. I've never been conscious and around a doctor for an hour unless I had a baby-I forgot about the last MOHS-that took over an hour, but I had most of face covered. Did I tell you that it sounds like carving wood, when they shave out cartilage? I'll call the office tomorrow and see what I should be doing. Is it normal for the nurse to say that I'm being given priority, and that my primary care and surgeon are both insisting on it? I have to go- this is Rocky Mtn time, but I got to get my son to the VA really early-dentist. If anybody can help me, let me know. I have an aggressive basal cell carcinoma that started just in my nose.I spent about 30 years trying to get it removed. My current doctor got it out. I had part of my nose and mouth removed last week. Thank you