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What should I expect using fluorouracil for 5 days on one spot, and have not used it before?

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Cmhawk 15 Jan 2018

Probably not much. I used it all over face and my face started to get red in my 2nd week and on the 14th day it exploded.

Jazzears 15 Jan 2018

I didnt see change until day 9. In videos I've seen day 9 or 10 is generally when you see results

Ninemil 17 Mar 2018

5 days? Not much more than redness. After about 2 weeks you will begin to see scaling, flaking, and moderate burning sensation. At 3 weeks expect sores, scabs, tenderness, swelling., and moderately severe burning, itching and pain. At 4 weeks it begins to get worse on all accounts. You will probably want to quit if you haven't already, and think up evil ways to get even with the doctor. Personally, I have 2 weeks to go that I know about for a total of 6 weeks. I think battery acid would be less painful than the fluorouracil. I look like I skidded down the highway on my face, and it feels like it. I will never do this again - EVER. My wife has locked up all my guns...

Ellieg123 17 Mar 2018

I have been using fluorouracil for three years. Usually nothing happens except redness for about two weeks. Then “all hell breaks loose.” I try to keep applying the cream for six weeks but it is difficult. However, having had six Mohs surgeries, a skin graft that didn’t take and corrective plastic surgery is much more difficult to cope with. free discount card

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