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What to expect far as your body when being ween off predinsone?

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kaismama 28 Oct 2012

If you're being weaned off correctly, it shouldn't effect you. Depending why you're on it, you may have symptoms of that disorder.

Inactive 28 Oct 2012

Hello 7278,

In general, the longer you have been taking the drug and the higher your prednisone dosage, the longer it takes to taper off prednisone. Inform your Dr. if you notice any bothersome symptoms after stopping it.

Prednisone withdrawal symptoms can include but are not limited to:

A general ill feeling
Muscle weakness
Nausea and vomiting
A fever
Low blood pressure (hypotension)
Mental changes
Muscle pain or joint pain
Flaky or peeling skin
Difficulty breathing
Loss of appetite.

All the best,


endlessPred 28 Oct 2012

It does depend upon how high of a dose you had and how long you were on it. A short dose pack should cause little difference and any side effects will be gone. Long course is very different and can take a year or more to wean off. Some people take two years or more. This would be for high dose of over thirty and higher.

Most importantly, if you have been on the short dose pack, you are to tell any physician, ER or other treating you that within the last six months you were on prednisone. At higher doses for the last year. This is very important because you remain susceptible for slower healing and complications or stronger infections during that period. The doctor will prescribe the proper antibiotic then should you need one. Healing remains slower during this period.

Inactive 29 Oct 2012

So long as you follow your doctor's instructions, you should have no problem weaning off of prednisone. You will not feel any side effects whatsoever, even if you have been on it for quite a while. Just follow the weaning schedule. Now if you have been on high doses, or been on prednisone for a long time, you need to watch out for some side effects such as osteoporosis, cataracts, hearing loss, weight gain, fluid retention, and other effects, but you will not feel anything. free discount card

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