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I would like to know what to expect coming off of Prednisone?

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8 Jan 2013

Hello CorkyBoo. It would help to know how long and what dose you have been taking. If it is a quick dose pack for ten days or so. Your condition should have improved and no lasting side effects.

If long term, it must be very carefully weened down or you can have many problems, some dangerous. Of course, never stop on your own. You need a physician to help with this.

Please provide more information and I would be happy to help with your situation.

CorkyBoo 9 Jan 2013

I have been on it since November 5th,2012 40 mg
The doc wants me to go from 40mg to 20mg Started that this morning... I am very puffy & swollen... gained 43.2lbs. in the 3 month period...

endlessPred 9 Jan 2013

Thanks. Forty to thirty may go well for you. Usually it is thirty for two weeks, then twenty for two and so forth unless you have a problem.

At this point as you taper, you will notice less puffy face first and foremost. As you get down to fifteen your face will be much more normal. Weight will slowly reduce as well. Be careful with diet and be sure you don't over eat. I find around fifteen is when I get really hungry. Stay in control, because more food is weight gain and not prednisone weight.

CorkyBoo 9 Jan 2013

thank you for all the info yes that fat around my neck is awful hurts to bend head and the hump on my neck Oh how unattractive!!!

thank you for letting me know that will go away and my cheeks OMG!!!
I appreciate all the help and info you have given me...

endlessPred 9 Jan 2013

You are welcome. Give it time. Just think of all the great compliments you will get later. How everyone will say how nice you look and want to know how you lost all the weight. Don't forget to celebrate. And write anytime you need info. You can friend me and ask private questions as well. You will get there. Karen

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