Was placed on cocktail of meds over course of past 5 years prior to addressing root cause w surgery(s) - full hysterectomy / surgical Menopause 1.5 yrs ago and removal of parathyroid glands / tumours 10 months ago.

The past 6 months spent weaning myself off of most, left feeling pretty much out of sorts, trying to get a handle on what is expected re med withdrawal, mindset readjustment vs body reset due to medical conditions. What will pass and what must simply be accepted as the 'new normal' me (melancholy, just kinda flat... extra weight etc) Any and all info, opinion greatly appreciated.

Meds Eliminated / In process
Xanax / 1.5 mg p day / anxiety / tapered off / STOPPED 3 months ago
Phentermine / 37.5 mg 2x p day / compulsion / tapered off / STOPPED 2 months ago
Trazodone / 100 mg p day / sleep / tapering off / CURRENT .25 mg bedtime

Meds Ongoing
Venlafaxine / 150 mg p day / depression
Amlodipine / 10 mg p day / hypertension