Question- I have been having a nagging, throbbing and at time pulsating pain coming from the back of my right knee.
First, when pain comes from the back of the knee doesn't it usually mean a hyper-extended knee?
Secondly, would a HE knee injury show up on an X-RAY?
Because I'm allergic to all NSAIDs the only medication I can think to take is a 8 hour Tylenol. Also, between icings
I have had a sleeve over the knee to immobilize it for a few days but to no avail.
It still hurts a great deal!
Does anyone know of a medication that may help elevate the pain? Either a OTC med or a prescription?
In addition to the Tylenol I take 120 mg of MS Contin twice a day for my Lupus & CPS (chronic pain syndrome).
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you