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Excedrins have been taken off the market. When will they return or will they?

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kaismama 29 May 2012

Novartis had a bit of a problem with the FDA and had to recall multiple meds. Prevacid is back so I would expect that excedrin will be soon. Why not take the store brand, they are the same thing?

SeeknFind 29 May 2012

hi Kiasmama, what kind of problems with the FDA, do ya know?

kaismama 29 May 2012

They said they had "foreign meds" contaminating some of their things. I think they meant foreign as in not the med it was supposed to be, not from another country. I could be wrong, lol. I think some general cleanliness issues too. It was at one plant, and I guess it made excedrin, prevacid and a few others. You'd think a company that makes the kind of money they do they could avoid those things.

SeeknFind 29 May 2012

thanks Kais, mindboggling!! it just gets better and better lol

connieplawsonc 22 Aug 2012

According to the bottles, the store brand is exactly the same. I have tried Rite Aid brand and Equate brand. Neither work as well as Execdrin. Does not make any sense I know, but I am not the only Execdrin taker and have had several people tell me they have tried store brands with not as quick or as good of a result as with Execdrin. So, is not just me. free discount card

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