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Excedrin Migraine - I cannot take in aspirinwhat can I take?

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kathyhanson 31 May 2013

You can try ibuprophen or acetamenophin. Sometimes the caffeine in a nice hot cup of tea helps, along with a pain reliever. If you are having frequent, severe migraines, then a doctor visit is in order. He/she can prescribe a low dose pain med to treat the H.A., as well as a migraine preventative med. Best wishes for good health.

endlessPred 1 Jun 2013

If you are allergic to aspirin you cannot take these NSAIDs. You can take acetaminophen which is also known as Tylenol.

Taking the NSAIDs will cause an allergic reaction just like aspirin. They will also upset the stomach the same. And conflict with medications the same as aspirin.

kathyhanson 1 Jun 2013

You are so right. I was thinking more along the lines that she might already be on a blood thinner or have a condition for which aspirin would be detrimental. I wasn't thinking about allergic reactions. Thanks for adding your comment.

Factfinder411 31 May 2013

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