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When will Excedrin finally be available again? I had read in June 2012 a while back!?

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kaismama 5 Jun 2012

It should be shortly, Prevacid has come back. Why not take the generic excedrin, almost every pharmacy and grocery store has it?

karenrae 14 Jul 2012

Costco now has their brand of Excedrin. Works great and at just over $8 a bottle for 500 you can't go wrong.

lesbunderwood 5 Jun 2012

I've tried the Kroger and Walgreen's generic, but it just seemed work as well. Just to be sure it wasn't all in my mind, I even did a "blind test" (since I still have a very few Excedrin left) and noticed that my headache & shoulder pain didn't go away with the others. Do you have a different/better generic to suggest?

kaismama 6 Jun 2012

I use Walmart's. It works for me.

lesbunderwood 6 Jun 2012

Thanks! I will try it!

balbanese 6 Jun 2012

I hear it should be back soon. The generic equivalents do indeed work just as well, and may suffice in the mean time.

kaismama 6 Jun 2012

The makers of Excedrin and Bayer aspirin have people so indoctrinated that their product works better, that they still sell their pills, even tho the generics cost 25% of the brand name. People actually believe that Excedrin Migraine works better than regular excedrin too, when its the same 3 meds, it just says migraine on the label.

karenrae 14 Jul 2012

I called the mfg. of Excedrin. They said sometime mid-year. Well, its already mid-July. BUT I was in Costco today and they have come out with their own Kirkland brand of Excedrin Extra Strength at just over $8 a bottle for 500. Thats a steal and they work just fine on my headaches. Smart move by Costco. free discount card

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