Your help is greatly needed. I have had 13 back surgeries in the last 12 yrs and have beed on opiod pain relievers for probablly 11 of those years l'm currently recieving my pain meds thru a implanted pump. This consists of sufentanyl,clonidine,bupivicaine and balcofen. The key drug here is the sufentanyl & is at the rate of110.11 mg a day. I also use percocet 10/325 tabs 1 every 6hrs. My pain doc has just added a new oral(pill,non liquid) med to the percocet called EXALGO. My nurse said it was the same as Dilaudid, it comes in a 12mg (P>OQ am) thats 1 a day in the am pill. As far as l can tell this drug was just released in March of 2010 & contains the same narcotic drug as dilaudid(hydromorphone hydrochloride). Can anyone that has actualy taken this drug please give me some 1st hand info on how well it worked 4 them?. BTW- my script is for the 12mg size. I know this is a pretty low dose but thats how he has always done it and l know if it needs to b tirated up he will. Also fyi we tried some drug called EMBEDA 3 weeks ago,& if anybody cares, that drug should go rite in the TOLIET!!! & whoever invented it shot! TIA, Sincerely, Mark