I have a few leftover pills of Exalgo ER @ 12 mg each that I happened upon today and since losing a 50 mcg./hr fentanyl transdermal patch to the shower once this month (dang it all!) I have only one more 50 mcg patch left for appx 4-5 days; Can I remove the current patch (changing is overdue) & take an EXALGO instead? I read that 12mg of Exalgo ER is equivalent to 25 mcg/hr of fentanyl transdermal. Do you think I could switch for 24 hours in a relatively safe way? I am very opioid tolerant as 50 mcg of fentanyl every 72 hrs is just barely effective enough; then again, my physiatrist refuses to rx any breakthrough meds besides Tramadol (my body seems to think this is a placebo) & Tizanidine (ZzZ). Thoughts/suggestions?