What is the exact reason the 2.5 mg amlodipine besylate tab, from Epic Pharm that I
received today is a very slightly THINNER round shape with very DIFFERENT MARKINGS, on both sides, (237 IG) COMPARED to my previous identical prescription of 2.5 MG, also from Msg Epic, that is a very slightly THICKER round shape with TOTALLY DIFFERENT markings on both sides,
(55 E ).
It is extremely important that I know if my new prescription (237 IG ) contains the slightest difference in ANY ONE of the ingredients, active or otherwise, whether there is any change in the amount of ANY ingredient or if there is a substitute for even a microscopic AMOUNT of an ingredient of what was in my earlier prescription. The color appears to be the same, white.
There must be a reason for the differences that I have noted above and it is necessary for me to have this information ASAP , before I can take any of my new prescription (237 IG ) which I will need in 2 days.
Thank you in advance for your help.