Due to having a pregnancy scare in 2/12, I switched from the pills to the Depo injection so I am fairly new at this. My first Depo injection was on 3/22/12. I am a health care professional, so my OB/GYN wrote me a prescription for the 150mg/ml prefilled syringes with three refills that would last until my next yearly exam. Initially I thought, "Ok, the next shot needs to be in three months. There are 4 weeks in a month. So, in 12 weeks, I'll be due for another." That date would be on 6/14/12. I cannot give myself the shot and I will be at work all day on 6/14. I do not want to ask the people I work with to give me the shot, so my boyfriend and I were discussing when he could give me the shot. He works on 6/15. After our scare we are both VERY careful about the whole birth control thing, so we are both concerned that waiting until 6/16 will basically be equivalent to not taking a few days worth of birth control pills (if we are going by MY "12 weeks in 3 months" theory). I called the pharmacy and she said I could take it a few days early, but she didn't sound too sure of herself. I started researching when to take it next on this website and the CDC's and have read the whole "3 months," "90 days or 13 weeks," and even read where it said to take your next dose at 14 weeks! I would like to know the timeframe that you all use; especially the "pros" out there that have had multiple injections and have had Depo be successful as a contraceptive! Thanks so much!! :)