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Exact etiology of depression?

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zeynab.siahnouri 17 Feb 2012

The exact etiology of depression is not determined yet;
however, multiple factors, including biological, Anxiety ,Genetic Factors ,Stressful Life Events,Gender,psychological, and environmental factors are involved in the presentation of depression..

Inactive 17 Feb 2012

Hello zainu. It depends on how the word is used. In a medical term, I'd simply say a lack of interest, feeling of unhappiness, lathargic, hoplessness, sadness lackluster, etc. Then a combination of factors in regards to a diagnosis, or multiple diagnosis, such as depression, a typical depression, bipolar depression, unipolar depression, psychotic depression, postpartum depression, reactive depression, secondary depression and etc etc. All of the previous forms of depression have descriptions which I'm not going to add to each diagnosis of the various forms depression. Best of wishes,pledge

zainu 24 Feb 2012

thankx.but my question is still un solve.effect on level of neurotransmitters in depression

Inactive 24 Feb 2012

Very good. Interesting. I'll be doing some reading, see what I might find,pledge free discount card

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