The FDA has a black box warning that stopping Xarelto (or Eliquis, Pradaxa or Warfarin) "suddenly" leads to a higher risk of stroke. I want to stop Xarelto and don't wish to take any of the others. I've weighed the pros and cons and spoken with 3 top cardiologists about this. One of the side effects is making things much more difficult for me in terms of mobility. It has affected and increased the amount of neuropathy (numbness) in my legs and feet brought about years ago by the drug thalidomide, which I took in a trial for leukemia. I've noticed this increase, in addition to losing hair, having back pains and some abdominal pain. I've looked at the studies done on Xarelto but they are all focussed on risk of bleeding while on the drug. I could not find any evidence or studies about the risk factor if you stop the drug. They all advise that if do stop, consult your doctor. That's fine, if your doctor can find more evidence than I have, but so far, none can. I've written to Bayer about this, so far no response.