I am currently recovering from mononucleosis. In the very worst throes of it, after prolonged bed rest, sleep deprivation, anxiety and dehydration, I got up and walked around too fast. I felt nauseous, dizzy, weak, light headed and my vision/hearing started to fade. My parents sat me down and held me upright while I was unconsious, so blood kept draining from my brain. I was out for about 25 seconds, and they said my body briefly and slowly shook and my eyes rolled back into my head before they completely closed. I woke up with pale white skin and buzzing in my ears, but recovered quickly. I knew exactly where I was, what happened, etc. No tongue biting, loss of bowel/bladder control, body aches, etc. My parents thought it might have been a seizure.

I was rushed to hospital where the doctor's did a medical history, physical exam, bloodwork, and an electrocardiogram. Everything was normal. The doctors told me it was a fainting episode, and my body shook because it wanted to lie down to get blood back but I was being held up. They sent me to a neurologist, and he did the same physical exams, looked at my bloodwork etc. He said it was technically speaking a seizure, caused by a fainting episode due to severe dehydration and sent me in for an EEG just as a precaution.

When I went to the EEG, the technician asked of my experience and immediately said what I had was not a seizure. As she was doing the EEG, she said it all looked normal. The neurologist read it and sent it to my family doctor. It came back with no evidence of seizure activity.
I read that 50% of epilepsy patients recieve normals on their EEG results as well. This terrifies me. I have had no head trauma, I am a healthy person, I'm only 18 and I haven't fainted since that day. But I am scared that the results are normal but I still have epilepsy.

I have this irrational fear though that I have a seizure disorder, or that this will happen again. It's been weeks now since it happened, and I have made major recovery with my mononucleosis. I am scared that the EEG came back with a false normal, and that I will develop epilepsy.
What is the likelihood of this?