First, I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, & chronic pain issues from failed knee surgeries, which resulted in the removal of both knee caps. I've had hip problems, a cervical disc replacement, & back problems since my teens. I'm 40. I've dealt w/CFS/FMS/depression/anxiety/sleep problems/etc-basically I'm a mess!
I've become concerned lately w/my kidneys, as I've had back to back UTI's, & I'm on a ton of meds. Here's a list of my meds-
Synthroid, Lexapro, ES Percocet(4),Fentanyl patch(100mcg)(changed every 72hrs)Baclofen(3), Neurontin(6), Amoxicillin(2),Xanax(4), Spironalactone(2), Adderall(2),Omeprazole. I worry about my liver as I've been on at least 10 RXs for the past 15yrs, & at times I've even been on more. Help please!! Thank you:)