Cancer! I have a new friend that has terminal cancer of the blood and bones. She had had chemo in the past and now she was told that she can have up to two very aggressive chemos to extend her life for up to 10 years.
When she has her first treatment I will be one of the people helping her out. I worked in the health field and so I have seen alot so that is no worry to me. My question is how will she be after the treatment. She said she could be sick vomiting and diarrhea. I know I have to wake her up every hour for 24 hours to drink and void so her kidneys get rid of the chemo. She told me she was told she could be confused. Last time she said she had trouble with perceptions. Just wanted to know what o expect and what needed to be done for her besides being there for her.

Thanks to all!

Smileyhappy Lynne