... over ten years. I’ve never taken more than prescribed and it took me 9 years to get to my most recent 200 mg a month. About 2 months ago I decided I finally wanted off this drug and started to taper myself off. I’m now almost 24 hours without any tramadol and my symptoms are really, very, very mild... is this normal? Really besides a little bit restlessness and 1 episode of loose stool I’m fine. Is the worst still to come or am I going to get lucky and avoid the hell that I hear about so often when coming off of this drug? I’m truly hoping that’s the case but I’m worried that’s just too good to be true. Has anyone else successfully tapered off with so few withdrawal symptoms? I don’t know how this is possible after being on this drug for so long but I’m seriously doing fine... I’ll try to let everyone know how I’m doing.