... to help sleep for 2-weeks and then I dropped down to .5-mg for 1-week. Will I experience any withdrawal, then I will stop it completely. I take risperidal 2-mg at night, but my mind feels slow to think during the day..In the morning I take 25-mg lamictal and 10-mg Prozac , please help I feel slow to think during the day my pdoc wants to increase lamictal..to 50-mg
Am terrified that 50-mg will slow down to much..
I do have depression and Bipolar not sure which one .I have real slow gradual up-then slow going down as well. This is the 1st time I have been on meds for 2-years.I have job interview next week I don't want to appear slow. Sorry getting a little long winded if someone can help me make sence of this. Thank You