This is very personal but I know there is a lot of women who could benefit from this.

I have had so much trouble with vaginal dryness. I have tried all the regular things like Replens, vagifem and that and ended up with vaginal infections and a Uti. So I looked on line for something natural and found that some women tried virgin coconut oil and vitamin e capsules for the dryness. So I tried it. For the coconut oil I just scraped some on a spoon and put it in my fingers and put some in my vagina and wipe the rest on my vulva. For the vitamin E just put the capsule right in your vagina and it dissolves. For me the vitamin E is good at night when I sleep because it is a little oily. But the coconut oil is fine. It smells very lightly of coconut so don't worry about it. I am very sensitive to everything so this I have no reaction and no more dryness. Oh yeah, It's also good to use in sex too! Also the coconut you can use as many times as you want and the Vitamin E I read you could use one in the morning and one at night.

Hope this helps some of you! Sure helped me!