i am currently taking fentanyl patches 50mg every 72 hrs. i am also taking nortripyline which i have been taking since the beginning of diagnoses in oct. 2010,( so i don't think its working anymore.) im also taking baclofrn 10mg, carbamazepine200mg, reglan for my stomach and valuim. those are new within the last month. so my question is i want to ask my doctor for a break through med because the pain in my arm and hand become so bad i just cry. when i change the patch at night hoping i will sleep and most of the time i can't sleep or i will wake up hurting real bad but there is nothing to take durning the times may pain becomes out of control. it never goes away but sometimes i can deal with it. i;m afraid my doctor will think i'm on enough and i don't need it. the only norcotic is the patches and valuim, sometime i feel like dr, need to live one day of our lifes and then maybe they would understand what we'er going through. so is it okay to ask him? or am i being stupid to try to ask?