Hi everyone. My daughter is still on olanzapine 15mg, but even though we have tried diets, she has still been piling the weight on. She is now 4 stone heavier in the last 6 months. We are gonna ask the Dr to change to Quitiapine, which has been mentioned to us before. Does anyone know if she can change without coming right down again, as she is not hearing the voices at the moment and I know what its been like changing before and it is awful, she gets very upset aggitated and ill with the voices. Also to anyone who might know, we have been prescribed Xenical from the Dr to help with weight loss, if we chose to stay on olanzapine, but its having a problem right now with manafacturing and we cant get hold of them. Does anyone know of a similar dietry tablet?. We need to get the weight under control as she is having difficulty breathing at the weight she is. Thank you for listening and if anyone has any information on my questions, or similar experiences please get in touch. Hazel Hgte