I was initially dosed at 1mg. of Xanax every six hours as needed in 2001 after returning from Ground Zero NYC as a first responder. I was (at the time) about three days after returning from a 24/7 ten day stent there in need of 'something. My doctor started me on this medicine at that dose.
Try to make this short & concise..well I wanted to get off after a few years but I had no luck with my prescribing doctor at the time so after a few more years I found a new doctor but he prescribed something different but it did not work at all and I was put back on Xanax at the same dose... fast forward to August 2016... I had to find another doctor because other doctor went out of business... new doctor prescribed a tapering rate that was way too fast. Tried to cut by 50% every three days!!! WOW, I thought I was going to die! So... I found myself on a self-induced taper of 1mg. twice a day when the third doctor would only perscribe that amount. So... I was in the mindset that that was the best my body could handle and the third doctor told me that I'd have to be on this medicine at that dose for the rest of my life! After sixteen (16) months of that I decided that was bunk. New doctor (in December) #4 cut me to .50mg. every six (6) hours. At first I did not think that was slow enough but he said "Just call me if you run-out & gave me a prescription for forty-five (45) .50mg. That is a fifteen (15) day supply and I took them ONLY as needed for a few weeks and was doing really well. Here's the question. Sorry about the long story but I really want this community to hear me and I need some advise.
For about a week I was taking 1/2 pill (.25mg. ) three times a day as needed... not as habbit. That too was working fine. Then I only took one half a pill (.25mg.) as needed or about once a day until about five(5) days ago (January 10th 2018) now I'm hitting a wall and feel like I should take more or crawl out of my skin. I'm now taking .25 twice a day. But am felling a bit edgier.
QUESTION. I'm seeing the #4 doctor tomorrow and after reading here about withdrawal I saw a lot of people talking about switching to Valium as a solution. Is this a viable option to suggest to doc#4 and if so... what is the method that I could consider with my doctor? He is very new... has not been out of school and residency for more than a few months and he used to be MY helper when I was a General contractor so we are more friends than anything so im sure he will be open to my research on the subject. Wow... sorry for the long "question"!
Is it normal to still need something else for the anxiety I seem to still have?