pharma changed my Opana ER 40mg to a new formulation. I've never abused my medication etc. so this is serious to all that are using or are going to be prescribed this med. After 2 1/2 weeks on this new drug I have experienced severe head aches (I never get head aches) severe constipation, which can be a side effect of most opiod pain relievers, Mood swings from hell (and I mean it!) , neck pain, back pain, swelled lymph nodes in my throat, increased blood pressure & heart rate,1//4 the pain relief, liver pain (pretty bad) , stomach pain, loss of appetite, I can't go on with this. The deal is - if you tell your Doctor that your new formula is killing you, some or most of them I've read will think your abusing it and question what is the God's honest truth. I had to switch to Opana (old formula) because I went to a different health insurance and they didn't cover Oxycontin 80mg etc. (any oxycontin mg.) the Oxycontin was working just fine at 2 pills every 12 hrs. and so was the Opana (the opana was actually doing a better job). Should I switch ins; tell my new doc. (my old one retired, what a nightmare! new doc's can't prescrib. opiod pain meds. till they have your records for 1 month!) what a great time that was! or just wait and see if my body adapts. Sincerely, I need some input friends! Toddly10, hurry before I head to the hospital! I'm ready to just quit the meds. thanks junkies! and commit you know what or take the insane pain! Thanks.