Am now weening myself off these things! Have always had severe w/d symptoms, all listed on this site, during final 24 hrs b4 patch change. Anyways am so over it all. Have switched myself back to ev 72 hours and been cutting a bit more off patch each dose. Am now down to almost 50 mcg by cutting mylan's down. Since I began weening I have very bad diahhrea 20 minutes after I eat anything. Of course I am also dealing with a list of other w/d stuff which is hard enough, but am most concerned about possible malnutrition because I rarely have a normal b/m in nearly 3months, which is how long I have been weening off.

Should I just get Imodium or something and keep going? I know I have let this go probably too long, but I am one of those people who just hangs on and hopes for the best.

Thanx for being here, I appreciate reading and I hope someone has a good idea.

Best, artgirl