I am 25 now. When i was 17 i woke up unable to breathe i had a bronchial spasm turned into panic attack my mom gave me my sisters inhaler an i was "unable to breathe again" for a week after this i felt like i had just run a mile. The doctors found nothing. In 2015 i woke up one day unable to breathe. I had to take a deep breathe in between every word. I went to my aunts house with my daughter so i could go to the doctor. When i arrived there it was a little to late. I collapsed an passed out an had convulsions. I was unresponsive for 20 mins. The paramedics stabilized me an said i had a bronchial spasm. Now im 2016 about a month ago i couldnt breathe. I went in numerous times. It was to the point i was put on nebulizer (every 4 hours or i couldnt breathe) prednisone, an in haler 5 times a day 2 pumps each time, an a z pack. After 2 weeks of thi i could breathe again. If i missed one neb treatment including at night id wake up coughing attack unable to stop until i did one. The doctors said i dont have asthma an cant seem to give me an answer.