The other day like any other I had a doctors appt for the EEG, I know I had to get it done the appt wasn't until 2 pm, here I started to stress the antiipation so I got up at about 9-9:30 am, I got dressed at about 11 am, stated to get everthing organized.

This is everyday of my life that is why I have to take nerve pills... it is such a struggle without them. I'm a worrywart, I worry about everything. The other day or night I was so tired I was fighting to stay awake this was at about 8-9 pm I knew if I went to bed I knew I'd get up at about midnight, my husband said why does it matter? For some reason it made me mad. It's no wonder why I have to take nerve pills.

There is a man next door of us my husband barely comes of his apartment at least what we think so, but the day we saw him outside talking with people we associate without. I overheard that he was in his apartment for 18 months--- he suffers from depression and anxiety I don't feel alone.

I hate going to my doctores even with medication there is some kind of fear leaving the apartment I have my husband do just about everything as far as going places like the store I hate going there the fear of there. I know, I know I might need my meds adjusted I have time after time. I have had the tendency to self-medicated which makes matters worse when hoping it would help.

For the past 3 months I have been taking my medication like I'm "supposed to." I use a pill planner it does help. What I have noticed that mornings are the worse. I feel like I need more meds. Is there anybody who can relate to? I wonder if this feeling has anything to do with the stroke?