I use this product every day as ordered by my doctor. It is some what expensive, never the less I take everyday.. My Problem is every month when I purchase a new bottle the coupon in side, which is very helpful as I am on a limited budget is ALWAYS outdated..Do this mean my vitiams are outdated? Sure hope I'm not wasting my money on this product..My daughter is a Pharmacist and says don't look good. I've bought it at several locations just to see if it is just mainly one store, and it wasn't. So is the coupon a gimmick? Bottle of Osuvite+50 expiration date is 3-16. Could ypu please respond and let me know the answer because I do need this coupon, I am not one of these coupon crazy people and just use ones I need and use daily . On a 14.00 bottle of Vitamins a 2.00 coupon means a lot so what's up? A very loyal customer for many years. Thanks sincerely, Gayle Jennings:)