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How are everday pills/medication sealed in the original packaging?

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Stephen Treloar 22 Aug 2014

Do you mean blister packs with clear plastic one side and foil covered backing? They use massive sheets of plastic with medication prefilled indentations on the blister side and then another/same machine covers that with the backing and it is microwave or heat welded together and then cut out with a massive press/cutter. It is what makes them tamper proof (if the pill is not sealed then it will start to degrade at its normal rate). More modern machines do just about everything automagically.

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kaylaclinch96 23 Aug 2014

No. I am aware of how they make and seal blister and webster packs but thank you for the imformation. I meant the original packing as in are they heat sealed or? Because how would they be able to heat seal them without damaging the stock?

Stephen Treloar 23 Aug 2014

I also meant the original packaging; like the two sheets of 12 pills in a box of 24 acetominphen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen that come out of the cardboard box? I think this is what you are getting at and want to know if the contained medication can be exposed to higher than normal temperatures and lose effectiveness? If I am wrong again, I'm sorry to have wasted your time and you can ignore what follows.

The sealing process literally takes a few thousandths of a second. The amount of time involved is so small that medications being sealed are not heat affected at all by radiant heat from the sealing process (webster packs and sealed bottles are a different story as they both use some type of glue/sticky; I hate webster packs as they are handled by other humans before consumption and for the bottles it is just tamper proof sealing which I like to see).

kaylaclinch96 23 Aug 2014

Thankyou that makes sense. Im sorry. I didnt quite catch on the first time. Thankyou for your time in explaining! free discount card

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