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Can I take eurethomycin to treat vaginal infection bd or bv?

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Inactive 23 Jun 2012

Please see your Ob/Gyn before self-medicating. E-mycin may not be the proper antibiotic.
Good luck

boxhero 23 Jun 2012

well it sais to treat any part of the body

Edwin1 23 Jun 2012

There are many bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that can cause vaginal infection. You need to have a doctor look at it and prescribe the right medication, otherwise it can get worse.

Inactive 23 Jun 2012

Normally erythromycin treats soft tissue infections, but like other said, it's not very effective against BV. Bv can be caused by any one of 6 bactial overgrowths or the protozoan trichomonas, but erythromycin Is not what is usually rx'ed. Normally it is clindamycin or flagyl or metro gel, followed often by diflucan for a yeast infection, those tend to develop in patients treated with a strong antibiotic. Patti

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HeadStarter 23 Jun 2012

E-mycin isn't one of the antibiotics for those types of infections. So the direct answer to your question is unfortunately, "no".

There are only two that are currently recommended specifically for that type of infection, as Patti also mentioned. I thumbed you up, Patti!!!

Also, a good quality yogurt that is low in sugar is helpful along with acidophiles which lots of women take on a regular basis to keep the good bacteria in check. I use a plain yogurt on a tampon to insert vaginally to help relieve the burning and itching and the Greek yogurts for eating. You don't need to keep the tampon in because getting the yogurt in the vagina is what works, then dispose of the tampon. I do that at night when I need to.

Also cutting back on the fats and aged cheeses for a bit will help to alleviate symptoms, too. The same with any alcohol especially wine... helps when the overgrowth is really bad. free discount card

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