I'm an active, healthy (for my age) 65-year old who recently began taking Etodolac for the pain of arthritis in my knees and hands. The pharmacist warned that fatigue/lack of energy was an (initial) side effect, but that should pass as my body adapted to the medication. For the first couple of weeks I didn't really notice much change in how I felt--maybe a little more weary than usual at the end of a somewhat busy day. However, yesterday I just felt "zoned out" the entire day--jittery, fuzzy thinking, uncomfortable feeling in my stomach (not nausea but bloated and not interested in eating much). I just wanted to get home, close the door on the world and go to bed--which I did at 8:30 p.m. Slept a good 8 hours and feel considerably better this morning. Hope yesterday was just a coincidence and not related to the meds but would like to hear what others have experienced in this regard. The relief of pain is amazing but I'd hate to think I've traded pain for difficulty functioning on a daily basis