... pg about two months ago. I have Addison's Disease, so I have to take steroids every day for life. This makes allergy testing impossible, but since avoidance is 100% successful for symptom resolution, my history convinced the allergist. I have many strange reactions to things dating back to childhood, all explainable now. For many years I have had severe GI issues. Colonoscopy prep about killed me. Six months ago, my GI problems became life threatening. I spent 8 days in the hospital. Super doses of steroids for Addison's saved me... suppressed the immune response I guess. One shot especially... after injection with Depo Medrol, I had anaphylaxis in my face, moderate. Since then, my face has been a radar detector. I tried gluten free as a last resort, and it helped a lot. Enough that I was able to tell specific things that made my tummy sick. Added to the new facial reactions, I finally sat down with a list of ingredients and played least common denominator.
Avoiding pg and all it's relatives is almost impossible! I'm now trying to have dental work, and my dentist spent three days finding things he could use.
I currently take hydrocortisone, metoprolol liquid from a compounding pharmacy for bp, Walmart brand Zantac, Claritan ready tabs, and Pure vitamin D supplements. I use a cheap razor to avoid the moisturizing strips, because I cannot find any without PEG. I live at Whole Foods. This stuff is sprayed on fruits and veggies before sale! Except organic.
I am fortunate that my face usually prevents me from eating bad stuff, but if I do, I get sick within ten minutes until it is gone. So I can identify stuff pretty well.
How does everyone cope? I am going to read everything here!