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How much estrogen is in the typical birth control pill?

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Stephen Treloar 4 Feb 2015

I think you need to do some extensive reading about birth control pills. It's not quite as simple as you seem to think (based on the absolute lack of specificacy in the question).

I looked up a few and they contained no straight "estrogen" but rather estradiol which is the primary estrogen of importance (there are other estrogens) during a womans fertile years. You also need to take into account progesterone.

The number you were really after is 20 to 50 micrograms; 30-35 is considered mid range, 20 low and 50 high.

Stephen Treloar 5 Feb 2015

Of course, no need for such effusive thanks. I live to do favors for people who are too busy to even do some cursory reading (less than 5 minutes) before asking a question.

JGlotz 5 Feb 2015

I actually did about 2 hours of research on line and most bc pills did not list their levels of progesterone and estradiol in them which was very frustrating. My sister got an inplanon implant In her arm 6 months ago but has had so much break thru bleeding they put her on 1 mg of estradiol. That didn't work so Now they have increased it to 2. She is still spotting 2 weeks later. She doesn't want to request a bump up to 3 mg of estradiol if that is an unsafe amt to take. Yes she could just call the nurses line but We thought she should do some of her own research before she talks to the doctor. Also confusing things is the conversion of micrograms to milligrams.

Stephen Treloar 5 Feb 2015

Sorry, everyone seems to have caught my foul mood today (women are doing my head in). I swear I'm usually polite.
One tip in searching is always look at the information for professionals, that way you get the FDA stuff and the amounts and contents of the medications.
Metric is easy; everything is a multiple of ten. 10,000 ugm = 1000 mg which = 1 gm

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