I was prescribed Estrace cream a few years back; dosage was very small. Doctor said to use as little as possible (a pea size) but my vaginal atrophy wasn't really helped regarding intercourse (the burning, stinging feeling while urinating did ease). I am 63 years old and my sex life has come to a halt due to pain. Went back to the doctor and she told me to go back on the Estrace; prescribed a tube (4 grams) daily for a week, then just 2 grams twice a week and once feeling better, 1 gram as needed. Two days into my regiment and I woke last night with breakthrough bleeding, nauseous, and now I feel like I have a UTI.
I noticed very few mentioned their dosage instructions but those that did, each doctor seemed to have different instructions. Could my dosage requirements be too high? The really small dosage the first time I took Estrace years ago didn't seem to help. Should I just discontinue and live with my symptoms or perhaps experiment despite the side effects and risks? Bleeding after not having a period for ten years is a bit disconcerting and nausea from any medicine makes me feel like I'm being poisoned. I'm too young to live without sex though and really want to find something that helps. Lubricants (Astroglide, KY Jelly, etc.) don't work.

Please let me know what dosage your doctors prescribed. Thanks!